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WCG 2012: Day 3 Coverage


After two days filled with last second upsets, crushing defeats, and glorious victories, we're finally down to our final four.  Only the Russian team has gone undefeated.  They did lose a few games, but always came out ahead with the required two victories in each match.  That being said, no team has yet stolen the show.  The podium is still a mystery.

Fulcrum Gaming lost their very first match against the Vietnamese team; momentarily rattling the NA players.  They rallied hard, and went on to secure their position in the semi-finals.  The US team seems to favor the wide open maps--utilizing dazzling displays of scouting and flexibility. 

Anubis Empire, the only team to hand the US players a loss in the group stage, advanced using a static, but highly effective, strategy.  This style of play made the other teams uneasy, and just when they thought Anubis Empire would defend once again, the Vietnamese would charge.  They forgo the use of headsets and call to one another, making them an exciting team to watch.

The Chinese team, WaveKnight, was a team as yet unknown to most of us on the other clusters, but they’ve proven beyond a doubt that they’re among the best in the world.  Their perfectly executed strategies and patience make them a dangerous competitor.  They have the home crowd advantage, and the fans here are not shy about cheering for their countrymen.

The RED: Rush is considered to be the favored team heading into the semi-finals.  The Russian teams have proven time and again they are the power to beat when it comes to these competitions.  There was a tense moment when they faced the other RED team from Ukraine, going 1 and 1 for the first two games, but the Russians managed a confident 2:1 victory.


1st place - The RED: Rush — Russia

2nd place -  WaveKnight — China

3rd place -  Fulcrum Gaming — USA 

The first Final match between Russia and China can be viewed here at approximately 10:00PM:

News feed:

[19:10 PST] Russian team wins with a cap within two minutes. USA team rushed a bit. What will they show in the second battle? The match is  till 3 wins, so nobody can tell anything for sure
[19:12 PST] Vietnam 1 point, China - 0 points. A good win, with nice strategics. Next battle on Himmelsdorf is very dynamic. Watch the stream!
[19:24 PST] Vietnam loses, and now it's 1:1. Fast rush on Himmelsdorf railroad was not successfull. Teams are even in count. Next map - Prohorovka
[19:25 PST] Russian team ensures advantage. 2:0 Next map - Prohorovka. The day before it was one of the best for NA team. What they will show us today?
[19:29 PST] And 3:0. The RED: Rush passes to finals and will continue struggle for the 1st place. USA team 'Fulcrum gaming' will meet one of Asian region teams in battle for the third place. Stay tuned!
[19:31 PST] Vietnam rushed on Prohorvka valley and anigilated Chinese team. It was a real battle of French autoloaders (which even caused  a 20 seconds of peace on the battlefield due to reloading). But because of technical issues, it was decided to replay the battle - 1 player lost control over the tank.
[19:54 PST] After 2 re-plays, 3rd battle on Prohorovka resulted in victory for Vietnam team. All battles were really fast, intense and intresting. Teams are very close, results are unpredictable.
[20:05 PST] Steppes were not a good map for Anubis Empire. WaveKnight defended their positions well and won. The count is even again. Everything will depend on battle for Ruinberg
[20: 17 PST] Battle started. WaveKnight moved almost whole team to 0 line of the map. At start Anubis Empire lost two scouts - BT-2 and VK2801. Chinese team decided to attack the small city on F0 and found all Vietnamese team there. But still they've won. Chinese team passes to finals!
[22: 23 PST] First battle of final resulted in a win for Russian team. The fight was hard, more intresting battles to go. Do not miss them!
[22: 33 PST] Second battle. Russian Team has placed bet on Artillery. And this was a good move - Ecl1plse, The RED Rush SPG-operator, has made 3 first frags in the battles, all one-shots. With such superiority it was just matter of time. 2:0, The RED Rush is two points ahead.
[22:52 PST] Third battle. Tough struggle resulted in victory for team from Russia, which become winners of WCG 2012


Here is a timetable to let you know when you can tune in; keep in mind that it's a live event, so times are subject to change:

Semifinal (7:00 PST)
Superfinal (10:00 PST)
Champion of WCG 2012
The RED: Rush — Russia    
 1:0; 2:0; 3:0
 The RED: Rush — Russia  
Fulcrum Gaming — USA  

1:0; 2:0; 3:0


The RED: Rush — Russia
WaveKnight — China
 0:1; 1:1; 1:2; 2:2;3:2
 WaveKnight — China  
Anubis Empire — Vietnam    


Battle for the 3rd place (8:30 PST)
3rd place of WCG 2012
 Fulcrum Gaming — USA  
 0:1;0:2;0:3  Fulcrum Gaming- USA
 Anubis Empire — Vietnam  



The RED: Rush — Russia 
           Fulcrum Gaming — USA     
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WaveKnight — China
           Anubis Empire — Vietnam
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