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WCG 2012: Day 1 Coverage

Day one of the Grand Finals is underway!  After an enthusiastic opening ceremony the crowd and the players are excited to begin.  Today, only group A will be playing their matches to determine who will go on to the Final Round.  The first few matches will not be broadcast on the WCG stream, but there will be at least two sets of matches featured on the D Stage.  Stay tuned at roughly 11pm and 12am PST:

Group A:

Fulcrum Gaming — USA 18
Anubis Empire — Vietnam
SBP Zawisza — Poland
Odem Mortis — Germany 12
wot-noobs — Belarus
PVP SEA — Philipinnes 6
Urban Gamer — Malaysia 6
ROKA — South Korea

Fighting in group A:

Time Teams

9:30 pm  (PST)



Odem Mortis 2:0 ROKA
SBP Zawisza 2:1 Urban Gamer
wot-noobs 0:2 PVP SEA
Anubis Empire 2:0 Fulcrum Gaming


11:00 pm (PST)



Odem Mortis 2:1 SBP Zawisza
ROKA 1:2 wot-noobs
PVP SEA 0:2 Fulcrum Gaming
Urban Gamer 1:2 Anubis Empire


00:00 am (PST)



Urban Gamer 0:2  Fulcrum Gaming
wot-noobs 0:2 Anubis Empire



00:30 am (PST)



ROKA 0:2 Fulcrum Gaming
Odem Mortis 2:0 PVP SEA
SBP Zawisza 2:1 Anubis Empire
Odem Mortis 0:2 wot noobs

Urban Gamer 2:0 wot noobs


02:00 am (PST)



Odem Mortis 2:1 Urban Gamer
wot-noobs 0:2 Fulcrum Gaming   
SBP Zawisza 2:0 ROKA 
PVP SEA 0:2 Anubis Empire


03:00 am (PST)



Odem Mortis1:2 Fulcrum Gaming
ROKA 0:2 Anubis Empire
SBP Zawisza 2:0 wot-noobs
 Urban Gamer 0:2 PVP SEA


03:30 am (PST)



  Odem Mortis 1:2 Anubis Empire
ROKA 1:2  Urban Gamer
SBP Zawisza 2:0 PVP SEA
SBP Zawisza 0:2 Fulcrum Gaming