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Watch the WGLNA Gold League Qualifiers

WGLNA Qualifiers started with three open spots up for grabs in this season’s Gold League. After a week of matches, High Woltage Caballers (a team comprised of former SIMP, RBIS, and Simple Tankers members, including blueboyzcaptain and ToFuSmurf) and TBD (former Full Potato players) have already earned the rights to play Gold, while other teams like GAME-OVER (former Timed-Out players) and DING_NA (formerly CYA from Silver League) continue to fight for their shot at the final remaining position.

Who will join HWC and TBD for their shot at taking down Team eLevate when WGLNA Season 6 begins June 23?

Check out the Twitch livestream tonight to find out, as we not only introduce three new teams into the fray, but introduce our brand new lineup of casters to the broadcast.


Friday, June 12

17:00 PT Match A: High Woltage Caballers vs. TBD
18:00 PT Match B: DING_NA vs. GAME-OVER
19:00 PT
Match C: Loser of Match A vs. Winner of Match B
20:00 PT Match D: Winner of Match A vs. Winner of Match C