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Veterans Challenge Prize Pool Increases

Tankers! Registration for the Veterans Challenge has now closed. That means we have the tally of total participants and a starting point for the prize pool that will be handed out to the top four teams of the tier 8 and tier 6 tournaments.

A minimum of $41,078 is up for grabs, and you can now influence this further by helping us set new peak concurrent player records. Right now the record is 36,608 players online simultaneously, and for every player beyond that mark we'll add $1 to the prize pool.

Curious what the current number of players online is? You can see it in World of Tanks, when logged in, up in the top-left corner of the game client:

We'll continue tracking the new records we set and announce them here on the community website. On November 30th, 2012 at 11:59 PM PST we'll close out the prize pool and announce the amount each team has won. You have sixteen days to push the prize pool up even more, so tell your friends to join you in World of Tanks.

Best of all, we'll donate a dollar amount equal to our peak concurrent player record to Veterans charities too. It's win-win; you have a chance to win a sweet prize in a tournament while also helping out our Vets.

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Forum Signature

Want to help out? We've created a special forum signature for you to use to recruit players to the cause. We've even put together the BBCode for you, so all you have to do is paste it and save!

Here's the code to put in your signature block:


Simply add that in and save; you're good to go!