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Compete for Prizes in This Week's Tournaments

Platournaments | 1v1 Throwdown | Call to Arms

Platournaments (August 23, 25, & 27)

Bring a three-person Platoon (tier III) to one-day "Platournaments." Wreck enemy Platoons on Siegfried Line August 23, Malinovka August 25, and Murovanka August 27.

Registration Ends: Each tournament day, 11:00 PT / 14:00 ET

Aug. 23 Tournament ♦ Aug 25 Tournament Aug. 27 Tournament
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1v1 Throwdown (August 25 & 27)

You don't need a team to earn prizes! Sign up solo and put your skills to the test against other solo tankers for Gold prizes. August 25 features all tier I tanks, and August 27 accepts only heavy tanks (tier V max).

Exclusively in the tier I tournament: take on WGA's own MeatheadMilitia for your chance to win a Type 59! Bring it.

Registration Ends: Each tournament day, 11:00 PT / 14:00 ET

Tier I Throwdown ♦ Heavy Tank Throwdown
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Call To Arms (August 27)

Unite your Clanmates in an epic one-day tournament for honor, glory... and Gold! Join the Champion Tournament for tier VIII action, and for you top dogs in tier X, go for the Absolute Tournament!

Keep in mind, your entire team must belong to the same Clan.

Registration Ends: August 27, 11:00 PT / 14:00 ET

Absolute Tournament ♦ Champion Tournament
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From the Frontlines

In Clan tournament news, the Pilsen Map Exhibition wrapped up last Sunday (Aug. 14) after four days of fierce competition. The Guerrillas took top honors without dropping a single game. [ G ]'s commander, Yankee, had this to say:

It was an amazing run, using a newer caller (Giggles101x) and with a lot of support from our Gold League guys in the Aquatic M60s, we just couldn't find a way to lose. Great format, let's see more tournaments like these. "