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Answer the “Call to Arms” for up to 20,000 Gold for Your Clan!

Call to Arms is a Clan tournament for teams of 15, with a fight for glory and a shot at hot prizes. Clans can play Champion at tier VIII or Absolute at tier X. Pick the tier you want to play -- there's up to 12,000 in Champion winnings and 24,000 for Absolute!

Team members must be from the same Clan, with the exception of four "legionnaires," who are players from outside the Clan. Legionnaires can be from a different Clan or Clanless, but they don't earn any Gold or combat reserves; only Credits.

It all starts November 12 on Mines. Do you have what it takes to answer the Call?

Absolute Tournament ♦ Champion Tournament
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You don’t need to be in a Clan to play! We also offer solo and team tournaments with Gold prizes! Find more information about our 1v1 and 3v3 tournaments on the Tournament page.

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