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One-on-One Throwdown to Win up to 500 Gold!

Do you enjoy a one-on-one melee, where victory is won or lost based on skill? Show off your own skills in a 1v1 Throwdown for a chance to earn up to 500! Failure may not be an option, but winning some battles could still earn you a prize. Seven out of ten players in each group will earn at least 50, just enough to whet your appetite for more.

November 17, grab your favorite tier VIII and face off against your opponent on Ruinberg Attack/Defense for the Third Thursday Throwdown! In this special dual-cap mode, the attacker must win by capping or destroying the enemy before time runs out!

For the tank destroyer aficionados, join the tier IV TD Throwdown on November 19 to test your skill on the battlefield.

Third Thursday Throwdown ♦ TD Throwdown
Third Thursday Forum ♦ TD Forum

Tournaments aren’t just about solo skill. We also offer team tournaments with even more Gold prizes! Find more information about our small team and Clan tournaments on the Tournament page.

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