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One-on-One Throwdown to Win up to 500 Gold!

Are you ready to put your skill to the ultimate test? No allies, no assistance, just a one-on-one brawl on the smallest map, Mittengard! The top player in each group will earn 500 , and seven out of ten teams in each group will earn at least 50(just enough to whet your appetite for more competition!)

Take any tier VI vehicle to the Third Thursday Throwdown on October 20 or grab a tier VII heavy tank for the Heavy Tank Throwdown on October 22. Which tank will you select to crush your opponents?

Tournaments aren’t just about solo skill, we also offer team tournaments with even more Gold on the line! More information about our small team and Clan tournaments can be found on the Tournament homepage.

Third Thursday Throwdown ♦ Heavy Tank Throwdown
Thursday Forum Discussion  ♦ Heavy Tank Forum Discussion

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