[Update] Tanks Time: Platoon Battles

We want to offer our applause and commend any of the tankers out there who finished in the Top-64!

We also have a couple of notes about the upcoming tournament. Every tanker from Top-64 on the Leaderboard has been added to the tournament as a Captain of their respective team.

These 64 tankers will have until November 27, 20:59 ET | 22:59 CT | 23:59 PT to complete their team's registration along with their teammates.

If there are any incomplete teams left after the registration period ends, they will not be added to the tournament bracket. 



Stage 1: Commander Competition

Conditions of completing the Commander Competition:

  • Only the battles fought in a Tier X vehicle and only in a Platoon are counted. Experience earned in Dynamic Platoons is not counted.
  • Base experience earned in Random Battles is counted.
  • Number of battles: 30. The first 30 battles in a Platoon starting from November 16, 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET, are counted.
  • Time for completion: from November 16 (07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET) through November 23 (20:59 PT | 22:59 CT | 23:59 ET)
  • Completion prime time: From 07:00 PT | 09:00 CT | 10:00 ET to 20:59 PT | 22:59 CT | 23:59 ET
  • There can be 2 or 3 players in a Platoon.

The personal total base experience of each captain, as well as the number of battles played according to the Commander Competition conditions, will be counted in the Leaderboard. If two or more captains have the same number of total base experience points, the additional criterion will be total damage.

Players can complete the conditions of the Commander Competition in a Platoon with any other players, both registered and not registered in the tournament. The competition will count the personal performance of each captain who confirms their participation. If a Platoon fully consists of players registered in the tournament, only the captain of the current Platoon gets to the leaderboard.

If a player doesn't manage to play 30 battles in a Platoon during the Commander Competition, their total performance in Platoon battles at the end of the Commander Competition will be counted.

Command category prize fund

Prizes are listed for each player registered in the tournament and winning a prize.



1st–8th Place:

5,000 Gold

9th–16th Place:

4,500 Gold

17th–24th Place:

4,000 Gold

25th–32nd Place:

3,500 Gold

33rd–48th Place:

3,000 Gold

49th–64th Place:

2,700 Gold

65th–80th Place:

30 DaysWoT Premium Account

81st–96th Place:

14 DaysWoT Premium Account

97th–120th Place:

7 DaysWoT Premium Account

121st–150th Place:

3 DaysWoT Premium Account

151th–180th Place:

1 DayWoT Premium Account

Final Tournament

After the first stage is over, the top 64 players in the leaderboard will be selected.

Each of those players will become a team captain in a special tournament that will be held in an automatic tournament system. Captains will be moved to the tournament, and a team will be created for each of them. After that, each captain will be able to invite two players to their team to continue participating in the tournament.

If there are fewer than 3 players in a team after the registration is over, such a team won't be allowed to participate in the Group stage.

Final Tournament Structure

  • Group Stage: Groups of four teams play matches in a round-robin system. The two best teams from each group proceed to the play-off stage. If a team doesn't show up to all battles in a tournament, it won't be allowed to proceed to the next tournament stage.
  • Points distribution at a group stage: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for defeat.
  • Play-off: Upon completion of the group stage, the best teams will take part in a final stage in a Single Elimination system. The team that wins all its play-off matches will be considered the winner.

The detailed rules and battle schedule of the tournament will be provided here: (link to the tournament). The time of battles will be specified after the team registration is complete.

Battle Rules

  • Each battle lasts for 8 minutes.
  • The interval between battles within one match is 3 minutes.
  • Battle type: Encounter battle
  • The first team to win 3 out of 5 battles becomes a match winner.
  • If neither team meets the victory conditions within a specific match, the team that has won more battles wins the match (a score such as 1-0 also counts as victory)

Tournament Dates

  • Registration start: November 9
  • Registration end: November 15
  • Commander Competition start: November 16
  • Commander Competition end: November 23
  • Group stage of the Final Tournament: November 28
  • Play-off of the Final Tournament and Superfinal: December 5–6

Final Tournament Prize Pool



1st Place Team:

15,000 Gold and a Corsair M55 RBG Pro Gaming Mouse to each player

2nd Place Team:

10,000 Gold to each player

3rd–4th Place Teams:

7,000 Gold to each player

5th–8th Place Teams:

5,000 Gold to each player

9th–16th Place Teams:

3,500 Gold to each player

17th–32nd Place Teams:

2,000 Gold to each player

The composition of the prizes may change at the discretion of the organizers. The delivery time for the prizes to the winners may be extended due to the coronavirus emergency and restrictions on the operation of logistics companies.

Additional Information

  • All tournament participants must enable the replay recording of battles.
  • If the administration suspects foul play, it has a right to request their replays. If a player doesn't submit the requested replays until the start of the next stage, they will be removed from the leaderboard. Their place will be taken by the player following them.
  • The game event is available only for Random Battles. In case of situations when a player or group of players intentionally engage in collusions to earn the guaranteed huge amount of experience or damage in the vehicle in Random Battles (collusion battles), the results of this player or group of players will be annulled regardless of which vehicle or vehicles the players played in the collusion battle. Disciplinary penalties will also be imposed on such players according to the Game Rules.
  • If a player is banned for 4 or more days for violation of the Game Rules, they are suspended from the game event.
  • If a player believes that they have been wrongfully banned, they can contact Player Support.
  • If a player successfully appeals a wrongful ban before the end of the corresponding stage, they will be returned to the leaderboard and their results will be saved.
  • In cases of a dispute not outlined in these Regulations, the administration reserves the right to make the final decision.
  • The tournament organizers can make amendments and additions to the current Regulations.
  • Physical prizes will be shipped only to players in the NA region.