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Stand-to: Week of Nov. 3


This week, the Stand-To takes Encounter to the nth degree! With teams of three, roll out across your favorite Encounter map in a tier V tank. The best teams will win a chance to earn some Gold.

Head to the forums to register your spot in battle. Matches begin at 4:30 PM PT (7:30 PM ET)

DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes (9 AM PT)
Monday, Nov. 3 Siegfried Line Encounter Nov. 1 Nov. 3
Tuesday, Nov. 4 Ruinberg Nov. 2 Nov. 4
Wednesday, Nov. 5 Steppes Nov. 3 Nov. 5
Thursday, Nov. 6 Ensk Nov. 4 Nov. 6
Friday, Nov. 7 Mines Nov. 5 Nov. 7
Saturday, Nov. 8 Prokhorovka Nov. 6 Nov. 8
Sunday, Nov. 9 Murovanka Nov. 7 Nov. 9