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Stand-To: Week of September 28

Wargaming’s Stand-To is a daily tournament series where teams compete across a variety of maps while attempting to win prizes from Gold to Consumables.


This week’s Stand-To features 4v4, tier IV firefights with prizes ranging from 500to Large Repair Kits, Large First Aid Kits, and Automatic Fire Extinguishers!

Check out the official Stand-To forums for additional tournament and registration information.

Matches begin at 16:30 PM PT (19:30 PM ET).


DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
(09:00 PT)
Monday, Sept. 28 Swamp Sept. 26 Sept. 28
Tuesday, Sept. 29 Stalingrad Sept. 27 Sept. 29
Wednesday, Sept. 30 Overlord Sept. 28 Sept. 30
Thursday, Oct. 1 Erlenberg Encounter Sept. 29 Oct. 1
Friday, Oct. 2 Murovanka Sept. 30 Oct. 2
Saturday, Oct. 3 Ghost Town Oct. 1 Oct. 3
Sunday, Oct. 4 Siegfried Line Encounter Oct. 2 Oct. 4