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Skirmish XXII: Rising to the Occasion

Sidi Bou Zid Challenge


This time around we've pulled the Skirmish rules from our Design Your Own Tournament contest.  Farva1 took the top spot in our creative contest.  Congratulations!

We're pleased to announce our 22nd Skirmish tournament!

Skirmishes will occur on a weekly basis and be a bit more light-hearted than our current tournament lineup. Including everything from tier 1 tournaments to tank vs tank faceoffs, the format will be different every week! Be sure to read it carefully every week for changes.

Skirmish XXII: Rising to the Occasion!

Brought to you by Farva1

Here are the rules for this week's Skirmish:

Tier & Point Limits

With maximum number of 7 players per battle, a team (maximum 10 players per team) must field a selection of tanks based on the below tier limits.

Format: 7 vs 7

Tier Limits:  Increases by 1 every match.  Start at Tier V. End at Tier X.

Points Limits:

Round 1: Tier V (31 points max)

  • Heavy: Tier V
  • Medium: Tier V
  • Tank Destoyer: Tier V
  • Light: Tier IV
  • SPG: Tier III

Round 2:  Tier VI (38 points max)

  • Heavy: Tier VI
  • Medium: Tier VI
  • Tank Destoyer: Tier VI
  • Light: Tier IV
  • SPG: Tier IV

Round 3:  Tier VII (45 points max)

  • Heavy: Tier VII
  • Medium: Tier VII
  • Tank Destoyer: Tier VII
  • Light: Tier V
  • SPG: Tier V

Round 4:  Tier VIII (52 points max)

  • Heavy: Tier VIII
  • Medium: Tier VIII
  • Tank Destoyer: Tier VIII
  • Light: Tier VII
  • SPG: Tier VI

Round 5:  Tier IX (59 points max)

  • Heavy: Tier IX
  • Medium: Tier IX
  • Tank Destoyer: Tier IX
  • Light: Tier VII
  • SPG: Tier VII

Round 6:  Tier X (66 points max)

  • Heavy: Tier X
  • Medium: Tier X
  • Tank Destoyer: Tier X
  • Light: Tier VIII
  • SPG: Tier VIII

Other requirements:

  • All Tank Types allowed.
  • Each team must consist of tanks from the same nation for each battle

Victory Conditions

The winner of each round will be determined as the first to 3 victories on a given map.

Each battle will last 15 minutes.

The Standard battle mode will be used for this tournament.


Note that only 64 teams will be allowed to participate. Teams will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis, see Registration for details.

The full schedule will be provided at the close of registration, once the final team count has been determined. Rounds will begin at 7:30PM PDT (10:30PM EST, 2:30AM UTC the following day) each scheduled day. Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!

  • Round 1: October 29th
  • Round 2: October 30th
  • Round 3: October 31st
  • Round 4: November 1st
  • Round 5: November 2nd
  • Round 6: November 3rd

There will be a 2 minute break in between rounds.


The following prizes will be provided to each member of the respective team, including reserves. 

  • First place: 20,000
  • Second place: 8,000
  • Third place: 4,000
  • Fourth place: 4,000
  • Fifth Place:  1,000
  • Sixth Place:  1,000
  • Seventh Place:  1,000
  • Eighth Place:  1,000


  • Round 1: Steppes
  • Round 2: Himmelsdorf
  • Round 3: Airfield
  • Round 4: Port
  • Round 5: Serene Coast
  • Round 6: Highway