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Win 8,000 Gold in the Skirmish XX Tournament!

Ready to turn your tanking skills into Gold? Jump into battle with Wargaming's Skirmish, a weekly tournament series where the top team not only earns 8,000 but also seven days of Premium time and 1,000 Free XP.

This week's contest is a four-on-four, tier VI melee on Steppes. Teams are only allowed to bring one tank from each nation, so choose wisely!

Registration: Open Now!
Registration Ends: May 23, 07:00 PT
Tournament Runs: May 23-29 (Check the tournament page for the schedule) 

Matches begin at 19:00 PT (22:00 ET) unless otherwise noted.

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Weekend Warrior

Don't have time to play during the week? Sign up for our special Weekend Warrior tournament. The top Weekend Warrior will walk away with 2,500

Registration: Open Now!
Registration Ends: May 27, 07:00 PT
Tournament Runs:
May 27-29 (Check the tournament page for the schedule) 

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NOTE: Battle times are the same as the Skirmish, so players can only participate in one tournament.