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Raseiniai Challenge


Equip your team with your best KV-2 tanker to annihilate the competition this month for the 20,000 grand prize!

June’s challenge uses the Battle of Raseiniai as a backdrop, where a lone KV-2 delayed the entire German 6th Panzer-Division's opening fire -- knocking out guns, crew and preventing German forces from delivering supplies and wounded. After eventually incapacitating the KV-2 with AA guns, the Germans found six dead crewmen inside the tank. Struck by their bravery, they did not abandon their bodies, but buried them instead.

Last time... Five players under the guise of "Pubbeh Protehtoes w CheezWheez" were responsible for winning consecutive challenges in April and May, and have become known for dominating the winners bracket in our new, double elimination format. Chances are a few of you wouldn't mind ending that streak a little early -- well, now's the time to register your team! Be sure to take advantage of a special team provision, which allows one KV-2 per team regardless of the Challenge's tier V limit.

Battle of Raseiniai
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Teams of 5 × Tiers I - V

Registration EndsSaturday, June 14

The complete schedule is confirmed after registration closes. Playoffs begin on the night immediately following group play. Playoff rounds are scheduled every day with dates in between for make-ups and tie-breakers.

Rounds will begin roughly at 18:00 PDT (21:00 PDT).

  • Group Stage: June 15
  • Playoff Round of 128: June 16
  • Playoff Round of 64: June 17
  • Winners Bracket Round 1: June 18
  • Winners Bracket Round 2 & Losers Bracket Round 1: June 19


Registration instructions are the same for most of our tournaments, and you can find those in the above-linked forum thread. Be sure to check the tournament page for more specific details.