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"Operation Nordwind" Challenge Tournament

Sidi Bou Zid Challenge


The prizes for this month's Challenge Tournament total more than 55,000which is nothing to shake a stick at, if you can assemble your men and wrestle away your share of the loot. So bring your best five-man team to the fray!

You may recognize the name, "Operation Nordwind", from one of our recent weekend events. If you're a student of World War II history, you'll recognize the significance of this particular operation; it marked the last major offensive of German forces along the Western Front and was the turning point of Allied superiority in Europe. We hope to see some of the same boldness in our Challenge Tournament that must have been present during the bitter fighting that took place in January of 1945.

"Operation Nordwind" Challenge Tournament

Tier & Point Limits

  • Maximum 28 tier points per team
  • Maximum five players per team per match with three alternates, for a total of eight registered players
  • Heavy tanks: up to tier VII
  • Medium tanks: up to tier VII
  • Tank Destroyers: up to tier VII
  • Light tanks: up to tier IV
  • SPGs: up to tier IV

Victory Conditions

The winner of each round will be determined as the first to three victories on a given map. Each battle will last 10 minutes max and the standard battle mode will be used for this tournament.


Rounds will begin at  18:00 PST (21:00 EST) each scheduled day. Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!

  • Round 1: January 14th
  • Round 2: January 16th
  • Round 3: January 18th
  • Round 4: January 20th


The following prizes will be provided to each member of the respective team, including reserves.

  • First place: 25,000
  • Second place: 14,000
  • Third place: 7,000
  • Fourth place: 3,400
  • Fifth Place:  1,600
  • Sixth Place:  1,600
  • Seventh Place:  1,600
  • Eighth Place:  1,600

If the first place team is able to win the Challenge without losing a single battle, each member will receive an additional 2,000.


There will only be one map used during the "Operation Nordwind" Challenge Tournament: Mountain Pass.