[Update] Metal Wars Clan Show Match: Winner!

On Saturday, August 22, the NA takes on EU in what's sure to be an epic clash! You can watch the battle unfold via our live streaming event!

Congratulations FAME (EU)!

Final Score: FAME (EU): 7; GIVUP (NA): 1

Thanks to everyone who participated and tuned in!

Live Stream: Clan Wars Show Match

GIVUP (1st Place in NA)

FAME (1st Place in EU)

Saturday, August 22 at 10:00 PT | 12:00 CT | 13:00 ET


Hosted by Haglar and Edge_of_Insanity

Match Rules

  • Tier Points:
    • 150
  • Match Format:
    • Standard Battle (Clan Wars)
    • BO13 (10 minutes per battle)
  • Team Roster:
    • 15 players
  • Map Pool:
    • Cliff (all played on NA)
    • Sand River (first battle played on NA, second on EU)
    • Prokhorovka (all played on EU)
    • Himmelsdorf (all played on NA)
    • Live Oaks (first battle played on NA, second on EU)
    • Murovanka (all played on EU)
    • Himmelsdorf (tie-breaker)

Save the date and get ready for an epic day of battles!