[Update] Dawn of Industry Clan Show Match: Winner!

Congratulations OIL (CIS)!

Final Score: OIL (CIS): 7; MAHOU (NA): 5

Thanks to everyone who participated and tuned in!

On Sunday, April 19, NA takes on CIS in what's sure to be an exciting clash — watch the battle unfold via our live streaming event!

Live Stream: Clan Wars Show Match

MAHOU (1st Place in NA)

OIL (1st Place in CIS)

Sunday, April 19 at 10:00 PT | 12:00 CT | 13:00 ET


Hosted by Jerm and Edge_of_Insanity

Match Rules

  • Tier Points:
    • 150
  • Match Format:
    • Standard Battle (Clan Wars)
    • BO13 (10 minutes per battle)
  • Team Roster:
    • 15 players
  • Map Pool:
    • Highway
    • Himmelsdorf
    • Mines
    • Prokhorovka
    • Sand River
    • Steppes
    • Malinovka (Tie-breaker)

Save the date for this epic clash of titans!