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Monte Cassino Challenge


The Battle of Monte Cassino marks one of the most unrelenting engagements of the Italian Campaign, where the Allies met well-defended resistance and struggled to capture the western hold of the Gustav Line and the Monte Cassino abbey. After four months of tireless fighting, the Allies were able to force several breakthroughs forcing the defenders to withdraw.

All players are invited to create a five-tank team of 19 tier points, under tier V.

February’s challenge saw Top Tier (a.k.a. T32 Best Tier 8 2013) repeat their championship performance. They are back-to-back Challenge champions, a feat that has only been matched by a select group of teams in NA eSports history. 

Registration Begins: Open Now!

Registration Ends: Sunday, March 9th

Monte Cassino Challenge

The complete schedule is confirmed after registration closes. Playoffs begin on the night immediately following group play. Playoff rounds are scheduled every other day with the open dates in between reserved for make-ups and tie-breakers. There are no rounds scheduled between March 14th – March 16th.

Rounds will begin roughly at 6:00 PM PDT (9:00 PM PDT).

  • Group Stage: March 10
  • Playoff Round 1: March 11
  • Playoff Round 2: March 13
  • Playoff Round 3: March 17
  • Playoff Round 4: March 19
  • The remaining schedule will be confirmed after the registration closes

Full Details

Registration is open now! Registration instructions are the same for most of our tournaments, and you can find those in this forum thread. Be sure to check the tournament page for specific details.