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Military Parade Escalation Tournaments

Sidi Bou Zid Challenge


Continuing with our celebration of National Military Appreciation Month, we've got a huge set of tournaments for all of our eSports veterans and new recruits. These tournaments will occur on May 10th, 11th, and 12th at the same time every day. Teams are invited to register for any combination of tournaments they like, but keep in mind that the Low and High tier tournaments occur simultaneously each day (don't register for both on the same day!). Best of luck to all the brave tankers that take to the field!

Lower Tier Escalation Tournaments

Higher Tier Escalation Tournaments

Team & Tier Limit Rules

  • Seven players in each match (maximum registered team size of nine including two alternates)
  • Please check each respective tournament page for tier limits and maximum tier points

Victory Conditions

  • The winner of each round will be determined as the first to one victory.
  • Each team will be put into a group and play every other team in their group. Victories will award three points, draws one, and losses zero. The winner of each group will be the team with the highest score. If scores are tied, teams will divide the prize pool out to the respective placement.
  • Each battle will last 10 minutes max.
  • There will be a five minute break in between rounds.
  • The Encounter battle mode will be used this tournament.


Please check each respective tournament page for their start days, but the start times for each round will remain consistent through all levels of escalation.

The complete schedule will be provided at the close of registration, after the final team count has been determined. Rounds and are to be scheduled every other day with dates in between reserved for make-ups and tie-breakers. Rounds will begin at 17:30 PDT (20:30 EDT, 00:30 UTC the following day). Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!

  • Round 1: 17:30 PDT (20:30 EDT, 00:30 UTC the following day)
  • Round 2: 17:45 PDT (20:45 EDT, 00:45 UTC the following day)
  • Round 3: 18:00 PDT (21:00 EDT, 01:00 UTC the following day)
  • Round 4: 18:15 PDT (21:15 EDT, 01:15 UTC the following day)
  • Round 5: 18:30 PDT (21:30 EDT, 01:30 UTC the following day)
  • Round 6: 18:45 PDT (21:45 EDT, 01:45 UTC the following day)
  • Round 7: 19:00 PDT (22:00 EDT, 02:00 UTC the following day)
  • Round 8: 19:15 PDT (22:15 EDT, 02:15 UTC the following day)
  • Round 9: 19:30 PDT (22:30 EDT, 02:30 UTC the following day)


The following prizes will be divided among each team in the respective groups (note that if multiple teams tie for a position, the prize pool will be divided down to the respective placement):

  • First place: 9,000
  • Second place: 4,500


Lower Tier Escalation Tournaments

  • Tier III Tournament: Ensk
  • Tier IV Tournament: Himmelsdorf
  • Tier V Tournament: Ruinberg

Higher Tier Escalation Tournaments

  • Tier VI Tournament: Ensk
  • Tier VII Tournament: Himmelsdorf
  • Tier VIII Tournament: Ruinberg