Military Invitational Sponsored by Verizon


We are happy to announce the Verizon Military Invitational!

The winning teams were able to choose a military charity that will receive a corresponding donation (players are ineligible for cash prizes):

First Place Second PLace Third-FOURTH Place Fifth Place - EIGHTH PLACE
$10,000 $7,000 $3,500 $2,000

The list of vetted charities and their donations is as follows:

Military Invitational Winners Charities Verizon Veteran Organizations
  • USO - $10,000

  • DAV- Disabled American Veterans -$7000

  • Burnpits360- $3,500

  • Warrior Freedom Service Dogs - $3,500

  • Blue Star Families - $2,000

  • Gary Sinise Foundation - $2,000

  • Four Block - $2,000

  • Operation Surf - $2,000

  • Wounded Warrior Project - $8,000

  • Mission 22 - $5,000

  • Pat Tillman Foundation - $4,000

  • Stack Up - $2,000

  • Operation Gratitude - $1,000

General Format

  • 3v3 with one reserve
  • Tier X vehicles only
  • Attack/Defense
    • 2 caps

Each team must have one member of WoT Salute on their team. Teams without a WoT Salute member will be removed from the tournament.

Players can register for WoT Salute here:

Register for WoT Salute


Thursday, October 28 Registration Begins
Saturday, November 6 at 20:59 PT | 22:59 CT | 23:59 ET Registration Ends
Monday, November 8 at 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
Tournament Starts
Thursday, November 11 at 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET Finals Begin

In-Game Rewards

Place: Gold (per player): Bonds (Per player):
1 5,000 Gold 3,000 Bonds
2 3,000 Gold 2,000  Bonds
3-4 2,000 Gold 1,500 Bonds
5-8 1,500 Gold 1,000  Bonds
9-16 1,000 Gold 500 Bonds
17-32 500 Gold 300  Bonds
33-64 300 Gold 100  Bonds

Detailed Rules



  • 3/30 Format
  • 3v3
  • Tier X
  • Attack/Defense on multiple maps
  • Cap time is 110 seconds
  • 3 battles each match, first team to win two battles wins the match. If no teams win two battles, a tiebreaker is initiated
  • Battles will last eight minutes max
  • There will be five minute staging/round breaks
  • Round Robin
    • Teams earn:
      • Three points for a win
      • Two points for a tiebreaker win
      • One point for a tiebreaker loss
      • Zero points for a loss
  • Ties will go to the team who beat the tied team in the series
    • Team 1 and Team 2 are tied for points
    • During the series, Team 1 beat Team 2 and is, therefore, the winner of the tie
  • Teams are divided into groups of four
  • Two top teams from each group will advance into the Playoff stage
  • A player must participate in at least one battle to qualify for prizes
  • In-game and special prizes are credited only for the playoff stage of the tournament
  • Each team can accept one additional player as substitute.
  • Only players who have a game account registered at Wargaming portal and physically reside in North or South America are allowed to participate in the Tournament.​
  • All tournament details, scheduling, rules, and regulations are subject to change without notice.
  • Breaking EULA or Game Rules will disqualify your team from the end results with no prizing.


In case teams are tied in two main battles, an additional Tiebreaker battle is assigned.

Tiebreakers appears in an additional special battle, a few minutes after the main battles end.

Tiebreakers host team gets to choose if they want to play Attack or Defense side.

Tiebreakers host team is determined by the following rules:

  • Fastest win for the attacking side
  • If the teams are tied on the first parameter, then the damage done for the attacking side is counted
  • If the teams are tied on the second parameter, then the tiebreaker host is assigned randomly

WoT Salute Requirement

Each team must have one member of WoT Salute on their team, players can register for WoT Salute here.

Teams without a WoT Salute member will be removed from the tournament before the start.