Gold and Bonds Up for Grabs in the Mastery Cup 2022!

Announcing the first tournament of the year, the Mastery Cup 2022! Don't miss your chance to earn a treasure trove of Gold and Bonds with your team. Complete information follows.

6v6 Mastery Cup 2022
Friday, January 7 at 15:00 PT | 17:00 CT | 18:00 ET Friday, January 14 at 9:59 PT | 11:59 CT | 00:59 ET
Monday, January 17 at 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET Friday, January 28 at 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET

Main Features

  • 6v6 battles
  • Tier X vehicles only
  • Format will be two cap attack/defense battles
  • Both the semi-finals and finals will be livestreamed and casted
  • Gold and Bond Prizes

Please note that all teams are allowed to bring Tier X Collector's vehicles (113, T-62A and AMX 30B) and any Tier X currently in the tech tree, except the Panhard EBR 105. All Clan Wars reward vehicles, personal reward vehicles and the Panhard EBR 105 are banned.

Tournament Registration

Be sure to join this exciting 6v6 Cup by using the link below to register your team!



Teams will receive the total amount of Gold and Bonds depending on placing as listed below:

Ranking Gold Bonds
1 36,000  36,000 
2 30,000  30,000 
3-4 24,000  24,000 
5-8 18,000  18,000 
9-16 12,000  12,000 

6v6 Mastery Cup Rulebook


6v6 Mastery Cup Rulebook

Last updated: January 6, 2022
Any amendments will be documented and listed at the end of this document.

Table of Contents

  1. Description 
  2. Agreement 
  3. In Good Standing 
  4. Code of Conduct 
  5. Schedule
  6. Completing Registration
  7. Captain and Player Responsibilities 
  8. Roster information 
  9. Mods
  10. Tournament Format
  11. GSL Stage Information
  12. Playoffs Information
  13. Map Pick/Ban
  14. Disputes
  15. Technical Victories/Defeats
  16. Streaming
  17. Grey Areas
  18. In-Game Prizes

1. Description

  1. The following document contains rules and regulations for fair and competitive play, the responsibilities of the Wargaming and its participants, and guidelines for the 6v6 Mastery Cup.

2. Agreement

  1. Wargaming reserves the right to disqualify any Competitor or Team at any time for any reason, including but not limited to, tampering with the operation of 6v6 Mastery Cup, or acting in violation of the rulebook.
  2. All players who register for 6v6 Mastery Cup agree that they have read and will abide by all rules and regulations listed in this document and on the tournament page.
  3. This rulebook may be updated by Wargaming without notice as necessary, including, without limitation, to add further clarity, correct errors, or address matters that arise after publication.

3. In Good Standing

  1. If a player has an account that is permanently banned by Wargaming, they may not be permitted to participate in the 6v6 Mastery Cup.
    1. If a player receives a temporary ban from Wargaming, they may not be allowed to play in any matches for the duration of the ban.
    2. All players who register for the 6v6 Mastery Cup must be in good standing with Wargaming.

4. Code of Conduct

  1. All players, coaches, and anyone involved in the tournament will be held to our Code of conduct rules as follows.
  2. Behavior - Players are required to behave in a sportsmanlike manner towards other players, members of the administration team, media, and fans. Do not be toxic to other members of the community. Toxicity is hard to define, but in general, do not personally attack anyone else. No flame, avoid passive aggressive comments. In the end, it will be the discretion of the admin staff what constitutes poor sportsmanship and toxic behavior. We simply suggest that all players be nice and helpful to each other.
  3. Cheating - Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. If the admin team determines that a participant or team is cheating, the participant or team may be immediately disqualified from participating in the Tournament. This includes the use of any illegal mods as defined by Wargaming.
  4. Software Exploitation - Any intentional use of any bugs or exploits in the game may result in a forfeit of the match and/or disqualification from the tournament. This may include “boosts” or “climbs”. 
  5. Collusion and Match Fixing - Players are not allowed to intentionally alter the results of any match. If the admins determine that a player or team is colluding or match fixing, the player or team may be immediately disqualified and removed from the tournament. 
  6. Gambling - All players, casters, and admin staff associated with the 6v6 Mastery Cup are forbidden from placing wagers on any matches.
  7. DDOSing - If we find proof that a team or player DDOSed another team or ordered for someone to DDOS another team during a match. We may immediately ban the player or team from the tournament.
  8. Reporting - Reporting a team or player is always helpful and we will try and follow up. To do this though, we need evidence. Screenshots, voice clips, however it happened, if we can’t see it, we can’t punish it.
  9. Violations of any of these rules will be reviewed by the admins and any punishment will be handled on a case by case basis.

5. Schedule

  • Friday, January 7: Registration opens at 15:00 PT | 17:00 CT | 18:00 ET
  • Friday, January 14: Registration closes at 9:59 PT | 11:59 CT | 00:59 ET
  • Monday, January 17: Day one GSL group stage begins 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
  • Wednesday, January 19: Day two GSL group stage begins 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
  • Friday, January 21: Day three GSL group stage begins 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
  • Sunday, January 23: Map pick and ban for quarter-finals begins 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
  • Monday, January 24: Quarter-finals begins 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
  • Tuesday, January 25: Map pick and ban for semifinals begins 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
  • Wednesday, January 26: Semifinals begin 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
  • Thursday, January 27: Map pick and ban for finals begins 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET
  • Friday, January 28: Finals begin 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET

6. Completing Registration

  1. All Teams who register for 6v6 Mastery Cup agree that they have read and will abide by all rules and regulations listed in this document and on the tournament page.
  2. All teams in the semi-finals are required to submit a team logo 48x48 pixels and 1000x1000 (minimum) pixels. It is recommended that the 48x48 be a simpler version of the larger image.
  3. All account names, team names and logos must be approved by Wargaming.

7. Captain and Player Responsibilities 

  1. Captains
    1. All captains of the top eight must join the Community League Discord for the duration of the 6v6 Mastery Cup as this will be the main program for communication. Messages sent through any other means may be disregarded.
    2. The captain has the most responsibility placed upon him. He will be held responsible for the paperwork and all formal communication between the team and Wargaming. He is responsible for any and all players actions and may be held accountable for them.
    3. The captain is also counted as a player.
    4. Wargaming has the right to revoke or transfer the title of team captain to any other player on the team.
  2. Players
    1. Players are responsible for their own internet connection and electrical power.
    2. We highly recommend that all players for the 6v6 Mastery Cup join the Community League Discord Server. This will help the admin staff get in contact with your team if your captain is not responding.
    3. Follow the code of conduct and the other rules listed in this document, don’t break the World of Tanks End User License Agreement and Game Rules

8. Roster Information

  1. Only accounts on the NA server are eligible to participate in the tournament.
  2. Teams must consist between a minimum of 6 players and maximum of 8 players.
  3. Teams are allowed to have a max of 2 international players who are not registered players from the North and/or South America continent. Wargaming will perform a check before the start of the tournament once registration closes.

 9. Mods

  1. Wargaming approved mods are the only approved mods that are allowed to be installed for the duration of the tournament.
  2. Failure to abide by this rule may result in forfeiture of a match, ejection of a player, disqualification of a team, or a suitable punishment determined by Wargaming.

10. Tournament Format

  1. The 6/60 format, 6 tanks and 60 total tier points.
  2. A team must have at least 5 vehicles with a minimum of 50 tier points to compete in a battle during the Tournament.
  3. Teams are allowed to bring tier 10 Collectors Vehicles(113, T-62A and AMX 30B) and any tier 10 currently in the tech tree except the Panhard EBR 105. All Clan Wars reward vehicles, personal reward vehicles and the Panhard EBR 105 are banned.
  4. Teams are only allowed to bring a maximum of two of each tank model. (ex. 2 IS-7s, 2 T110E3s and 2 AMX 50Bs)
  5. Both teams are allowed to make changes in their tank roster and vehicle setup after each battle.
  6. Battle format will be two cap attack/defense.
  7. Official battle time will be 8 minutes. 
  8. Cap timer will be 120 seconds.
  9. All battles will be held on the US central server.
  10. All matches will be held in the Tournament Management System. 
  11. The map pool for the tournament will be Sand River, Himmelsdorf, Prokhorovka, Cliff, Tundra, and Ghost Town.
  12. Overtime rules for the Tournament Management System.
    1. Over time will be a best of one
    2. The overtime host team gets to choose if they want to play the Attack or Defense side.
    3. The overtime host team is determined by the following rules:
      1. Fastest win on the attacking side.
      2. If the teams are tied on the first parameter, then the damage done for the attacking sides is counted.
      3. If the teams are tied on the second parameter, then the tiebreak host is assigned randomly.

11. GSL Group Stage Information

  1. All matches in the GSL group stage will be Best of five
  2. There will be five minute staging/round breaks during GSL stage
  3. three or four teams per GSL group, top two move on to the next day
  4. Win two matches to advance to the next day, lose two matches and your team is eliminated from the tournament
  5. Maps for days one to three:
    1. Day 1: Sandriver
    2. Day 2: Prokhorovka
    3. Day 3: Himmelsdorf

12. Playoffs Information

  1. Playoffs are a single elimination bracket
  2. There will be 3-minute staging/round breaks during Playoffs
  3. Quarter-finals and semifinals are best of seven
    1. One semi final match will start at 18:00 PT | 20:00 CT | 21:00 ET and the other will start at the end of the first semi final match.   
  4. Finals will be best of nine
    1. Finals may be held in a training room and any information regarding the operation of the training room will be provided if necessary.

13. Map Pick/Ban

  1. It will be held on the Community League Discord server.
  2. Teams are required to have a representative present at the time of pick and ban. The representative is not required to be the Team Captain. Ten minutes after the scheduled pick/ban time, if a representative does not show up, the admins will randomly pick and ban maps for your team’s match.
  3. Map Pick/Ban Process for best of seven.
  4. The Map Pick/Ban Process will proceed in order of the steps listed below.
    1. The team listed first on the match schedule will call the coin toss
    2. Winner of the coin toss will choose to either be Team A or Team B
    3. Team A bans a map
    4. Team B bans a map
    5. Team A picks the first map
    6. Team B picks their starting side on the first map 
    7. Team B picks the second map
    8. Team A picks their starting side on the second map
    9. Team A picks the third map
    10. Team B picks their starting side on the third map
    11. The last map is the Overtime map
  5. Information regarding pick and ban for the finals will be provided to the two finalist teams after the semifinals

14. Disputes

  1. For any dispute involving an illegal tank or team composition being brought during the tournament, please message WGNAReport#2030 on discord with your team name, the opposing team name, a screenshot and a replay of the battle(s) in question immediately. We will try to correct the match score as soon as possible but if your team doesn’t send a message, we can't help you. Any requests made using any other method or to any other tournament personnel will not be considered. You can share a server with WGNAReport#2030 by joining the Community League Discord server
  2. All disputes must be submitted within 15 minutes of the end of the match.

15. Technical Victories/Defeats

  1. Teams failing to field an adequate team (minimum of 5 tanks and 50 tier points) will have the battle declared as a technical victory for the opponent.
  2. If team B brings an illegal team composition composed of a banned tank(s) or more then two of a tank model and wins the battle, it will be declared a technical match victory for team A.
    1. Team A must attempt to win the battle in question by either killing all tanks or capturing either base if applicable.
      1. If team A fails to make a legitimate attempt to win the battle in question, Wargaming may declare a technical battle victory for the team that brought an illegal team composition.
  3. All decisions regarding illegal team compositions will be handled on a case by case basis and any decision made by Wargaming will be final.

16. Streaming

  1. By participating in the 6v6 Mastery Cup, all teams agree to have their matches streamed.
  2. Teams must be ready to play their match 10 minutes prior to the start time of their match.
  3. Both semi-finals and the finals will be streamed and casted.
    1. When the first match of the semi-finals ends, the second semi-final match will begin 15 minutes later.
  4. POV streams will be permitted. We advise a 8 min delay as Wargaming is not responsible for any stream sniping or position reporting.
  5. Any additional information and rules will be provided to teams in advance to the start of their match.

17. Gray Areas

  1. Anything not covered in the rulebook will be counted as a gray area and will be handled on a case by case basis. Any decision by the head admin regarding a gray area will be final. If a player has a question about a potential gray area, they can ask the head admin about it.
  2. If Wargaming believes that a team is attempting to maliciously abuse a gray area to gain an advantage over another team in the tournament, Wargaming has the ability to punish the team or player in question. 
  3. All gray area cases will be reviewed and may be added to the rulebook if deemed necessary.

18. In-Game Prizes

  1. In-Game Prizes
    1. In-game prizes are supplied by Wargaming. In-game prizes can only be credited to NA server accounts. In-game prize payouts can take up to 2 weeks.
    2. Gold and bonds are split among the entire team based on the AMOUNT OF BATTLES A PLAYER participated in.
    3. All in-game prizes for the 6v6 Mastery Cup can be seen below:
      1. 1st Place: 36,000 Gold per team and 36,000 Bonds per team
      2. 2nd Place: 30,000 Gold per team and 30,000 Bonds per team
      3. 3rd-4th Places: 24,000 Gold per team and 24,000 Bonds per team
      4. 5th-8th Places: 18,000 Gold per team and 18,000 Bonds per team
      5. 9th-16th Places: 12,000 Gold per team and 12,000 Bonds per team
  2. Wargaming may remove any team from the tournament that fails to show up or complete a playoff match.
  3. If a player/team is removed from the 6v6 Mastery Cup, they are not eligible for any in-game prizes from the tournament.
  4. Only the accounts listed on the team roster at the end of the tournament will receive prizing.


  1. January 6: Updated 10.3 to add further clarity to the ban on the Panhard EBR 105.

Best of luck on the battlefield and in the Mastery Cup, Commanders!