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The Grand Finals: CIS Represents!

The Grand Finals are just a few weeks away, and all teams participating are doing their best to be prepared for the challenge of the year. The CIS region will come in force with two formidable teams as their official representation!


Na'Vi, the team who stood victorious at The Grand Finals back in 2014 are returning to Warsaw in hopes of toppling the competition and keeping their World Champion title. Na'Vi is the unquestionable power coming from the CIS region, decimating every challenge put before them.



The Hellraisers have been performing very well, and have been rewarded with the 2nd CIS spot for The Grand Finals. Even though they finished 3rd in the last season of WGL in the CIS region, their previous season's performance racked up enough points to take the coveted spot from Santa Claus & Six Deers, who finished 2nd.


Watch for the remaining regional team news coming soon!