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The Grand Finals: China Enters!

We've introduced you to the teams from the EUAPAC, and CIS regions -- now we present the Chinese challengers!


RG.Razer (RefornGaming) was founded in 2013. They are well known for their aggressive play style, often resulting in impressive battles. Also they like to develop set-ups with a few less popular vehicles to surprise their opponents. RG finished in 2nd place in Kubinka International Open in 2014 and secured 5th place in MCG (China Mianyang Sci-Tech City Cup). In 2015, they underwent line-up changes and became one of the most talented teams to potentially win the Chinese championship. In this year’s WGL Grand Finals, they promised to make some noise on this international stage.

YaTo (YaTo Gaming) is a very young and disciplined team that was founded just after the WCA Grand Final in October 2014. However, they’ve grown impressively fast and are already one of the best Chinese teams in World of Tanks, proven by securing the 4th place in MCG (China Mianyang Sci-Tech City Cup). This will be their first time abroad to participate in the League Grand Finals, which makes them very nervous but equally excited. Their commitment, strive for improvement, and will to perform could make them foes to fear.


See you in Warsaw!