Community League: Beta Season

Hello, Tankers!

Community League will run its "Beta Season" with Wargaming support! The format will be:

3v3 with 1 Reserve Tier X Attack/Defense Two Caps

This will be a test season for the new format and we'll collect feedback to improve future seasons.


The next season is right around the corner with registration for the open qualifier beginning on the 15th and the qualifier starts on the 24th of May. The qualifier will reduce the number of teams down to 12 for this season with the regular season being round robin for a total of 11 match days. Playoffs will consist of 6 teams with 1st and 2nd getting a bye to the semi-finals. You can see the full calendar in the spoiler below. Please note: The calendar is subject to change and is not final.


In the "Prizing" spoiler you can see the different rewards you can earn depending on how your team finishes. These prizes are not split between each player, so if you rank first, all four players on the team receive the prizes as shown.

Note: All prizes can take up to two (2) weeks to payout.

This season all 12 teams will receive event accounts. They include almost every vehicle and crew skill and you can use them for all your battles and practices.

Type 59 Lottery

Qualify for our Type 59 Lottery by playing in the qualifier and showing up to every battle. If your entire team fails to show up to a game, you will no longer be eligible for the draw. After the playoffs, one player will be randomly selected from the list of eligible players and win Type 59.

If you can't play this season you can still win bonus codes that will be released every other round during streams or through our "Pick-the-Winner" contest.


The Comunity League will be streaming one match each day at WoTCommunityLeague3v3 during the season. Games this season are casted by Jerm_NA and by TheLoveHitman, and you can watch both of their perspectives simultaneously via multitwitch feature.

If you are looking to create a team for the upcoming season, join the Community League Discord!