Clan Spotlight: Red Sky and RELIC

Another month, another Clan Spotlight! This month is a twofer — we asked both Red Sky and Relic to sound off on all things tanks and teamwork.


How did Red Sky begin?

Boom [RS]: Some nerds that enjoyed playing Battleship congregated to a WWII game called NavyField. When they weren’t hanging out on MySpace they were busy being very competitive and making names for themselves in NavyField. Eventually, said nerds began exploring another game during its alpha and beta phases and eventually migrated over because tanks are cool. Loz claims he was there from the start, but I have yet to see the Alpha Tester badge to prove it.

What do you think has contributed the most to the longevity of your community?

Lozarus [RE]: For RELIC I would say constant gardening, not everyone is a good fit, so identifying where people connect, mostly through humour, and encouraging those relationships, removing people who have some wacky ideas about race, identity and politics, and trying to nurture the people who live sensible lives, and behave themselves, with this being said, we do have standards of skill that underwrite character, but we do try to accommodate levels from 1,500 upwards and have a division for Spanish & Portuguese speakers, and no restriction on language as long as it English is understood at the rudimentary level.

KLRnuker [RS]: I’ve only been around RS for maybe 18 months in total and this is my second stint in the clan, but from my experience I believe what has kept RS together as long as it has is the clear expectations that the Officers set to each and every new player that get through our recruitment and evaluation process. We tend to be quite picky when someone applies to the clan and we make sure they fit our stats and personality profile. All our players know what is expected of them and what they can expect if they go against the clan's conduct guidelines.

What is the best part of being in a clan?

KLRnuker [RS]: Being part of a group of players that you know are not absolutely brain dead and that you know can help you get through the one-sided bias that the MM seems to have sometimes which means better damage farming, better kill securing and better win rates overall for everyone participating, plus you get to learn new stuff from your platoon mates and the inter-clan banter is always welcome.

mojave [RE]: It has to be the people in it. If it was not for my friends I likely would not be still playing WOT or at least be playing a lot less.

What is your greatest accomplishment as a clan?

Midas [RE]: Still being here. Seriously. With the overall progression/regression of the state of clans over the years, going from players having pride in their clans with talent distributed across 20+ clans to the consolidation of the fragile ego’d unicum clans of today, for Relic to still be here, still stable, and still competitive, it speaks to the longevity of a clan model built on maturity.  Slapping Havok and SIMP around during not one but two server wars while I was in Rel_3 is right at the top too.

Scharnhorst [RS]: I tend to agree that longevity is probably the greatest accomplishment. I mean we’ve won more battles than I can even begin to recount, we’ve won massive wars, beat clans thought unbeatable, won in tourneys, won campaigns, sent two different teams to Russia, etc. However, there are a lot of clans who have had tremendous accomplishments as well but aren’t around anymore...

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