Clan Spotlight: MAHOU

Welcome to another Clan Spotlight! This month we asked our pals in MAHOU to sound off on their storied history and some secrets of their success.


How did MAHOU begin?

BananaMAHOU began with a small group of friends like most other clans. We were a handful of teal and blue WN8 players in 2013 who recruited random people from team battles, mostly that watched anime. We were there to platoon, share experiences, and earn credits in together. Prior to the 3rd campaign, we had a core group of friends that would have left if we didn't try to compete for the new X Object 907  , and the fire of the stress and excitement fighting other clans smelted us into a Clan Wars clan. People emerged to call the battles, and players felt accomplished for earning rewards and beating other clans while screaming over each other. We have been a Clan Wars clan ever since.

What is your clan's vision?

BananaMAHOU has always been about the battles above everything else since its early days. We would pull off of gold to fight other clans around or above our level so we could let our main caller prove himself or try new strategies, and we'd motivate our players with wins and knowledge. We care more about improving each other as players than farming lots of gold income, but that eventually came with the package. There were definitely times we weren't able to fight as well, but we have always pushed our limits in that direction.

What sets MAHOU apart from the others?

PerfectConsistency of our core over a long period of time.

Stuka: The power of anime compels us~!

Banana: I've helped build clans, been around lots of clan leadership at every level, and counseled clans on the brink of collapse. There really isn't that much of a functional difference between the best and worst clans except player expectation and the demeanor of the officers. We have gone through so much turmoil stubbornly for so long that it has made our core officers and players very stable. When we were growing we fought plenty but we always set ground rules and let our opponents know we weren't playing vindictively and have given land back generously after a string of victories on agreed terms. That fairness and generosity was a mainstay of why we're so respected when we were still emerging, and recruits would flock to us because they'd find problems in their old clans but not have anything objectionable to say about MAHOU. Now that we're on top, it's been unavoidable to make some enemies, but I still think those shared experiences have made us very strong.

Read the full interview over on the forums, and participate with MAHOU's Sherrif event August 10th - 11th!