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Canadian Thanksgiving Tournament Boasts 15,000 Gold Grand Prize

Ready to celebrate Canada’s bountiful harvest? What better way to celebrate than to turn Thanksgiving into Tanksgiving and compete in Wargaming’s 5v5, tier VII tournament where the top 1% of teams earn both the tier V Ram II and 15,000!

Registration opens Sunday, September 27, so recruit your team wisely then sign up for your shot at bringing home the grand prize!

Canadian Thanksgiving
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Tournament Stage



Group Stage Round 1 Friday, October 9 18:00 PT (21:00 ET)
Group Stage Round 2 Saturday, October 10 15:00 PT (18:00 ET)
Group Stage Round 3 18:00 PT (21:00 ET)
Group Stage Round 4 Sunday, October 11 15:00 PT (18:00 ET)
Group Stage Round 5 18:00 PT (21:00 ET)