Summer Heats Up with the Absolute Clan Cup!

Is your Clan looking for top-shelf competitive play? Look no further than the Absolute Clan Cup! The Absolute Clan Cup features teams of 14 tier X tanks battling it out in the Attack / Defense mode, with only the best clans coming out on top! There are four separate Cups, so play in one or play in them all!

In each competition, top Clans will earn Gold for the Clan treasury (25,000 for first place!) as well as Cup Points, with the top eight Clans with the most Cup Points at the end of the three tournaments moving on to do battle in the playoffs. The Playoff prizes are nothing to scoff at – all eight Clans earn rewards with the top dog taking home 500,000 gold plus other cool prizes!

Registration is now open for Week 3 of the Absolute Clan Cup!