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Win a Trip to China in the World Cyber Arena Qualifiers

World Cyber Arena is hosting one of the biggest World of Tanks tournaments of the year, and thanks to their Open Qualifiers, any team that thinks they have what it takes to beat the best of the best gamers from across the world can enter for their shot at winning their way to China to battle for a $300,000+ prize pool.

Two teams from each region will be sent to Yinchuan City to compete -- and with Noble eSports' thrilling victory in the WGLNA Finals, the champs already got an automatic bid. That leaves one other spot for a team to join Noble and play against the big guys... for the big bucks!

The Qualifier Tournament will be played under WGLNA's Season 1 2015-2016 7/54 Attack/Defense rules, and the winning team will need to be available to travel from December 15-December 21 in order to attend the WCA event. In addition, all players are required to obtain their own travel visas, and cannot feature more than three players from outside the region of North America, South America, or Central America.

Check the tournament page for the full list of rules, then register for your shot at the China trip.


Group Stage 1 Monday, October 26 18:30 PT (21:30 ET)
Group Stage 2 Tuesday, October 27 18:30 PT (21:30 ET)
Tiebreaker (if needed) Wednesday, October 28 18:30 PT (21:30 ET)
Round of 16 Thursday, October 29 18:30 PT (21:30 ET)
Quarterfinal Friday, October 30 18:30 PT (21:30 ET)
Semifinal Saturday, October 31 12:00 PT (15:00 ET)
Final 14:00 PT (17:00 ET)