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Weekday Warfare 9

Weekday Warfare is Wargaming’s newest tournament series, catering to South American or early-bird commanders looking for all the action of a Skirmish, but at a much more accessible time.


This week, it’s time to test your skills against the best of the best, as the 3v3 battles feature tier X tanks in an Ensk Encounter. That’s right, bring out the top tank in your garage and see if your three-man team has what it takes to bring home the 10,000 first place prize.

Registration opens March 1, with March 8 serving as the final day to submit your team for tournament approval.

Weekday Warfare: Week 9
Tournament Page ♦ Registration Page ♦ Forum Thread


Matches begin at 15:30 PST (18:30 EST).

  • Group Stage Round 1: March 9
  • Group Stage Round 2: March 10
  • Group Stage Round 3: March 11
  • Group Stage Round 4: March 12
  • Group Stage Round 5: March 13