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Weekday Warfare 50 Tournament

Weekday Warfare is Wargaming's tournament series catering to South American or early-bird commanders looking for all the action of a Skirmish, but at a much more feasible time.


Weekday Warfare continues to play out under Encounter rules, with tankers challenged to 3v3, tier VI battles in Mines. Win a grand prize of 10,000with smaller payouts to the top 26 ranked teams!

Thanks to new tournament rules, tankers are now able to earn Credits and Experience in tournament play and waive repair costs, making competitions like Weekday Warfare the perfect place to not only battle for Gold, but to grind your way up to the top tiers!

Enter today for your chance to prove your team has what it takes to defeat the best tankers from across the Americas!

Weekday Warfare 50
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Matches begin at 15:30 PT (18:30 ET).

  • Group Stage Round 1: Dec. 28
  • Group Stage Round 2: Dec. 29
  • Group Stage Round 3: Dec. 30
  • Group Stage Round 4: Dec. 31
  • Group Stage Round 5: Jan. 1