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Weekday Warfare 2

With Skirmishes and Stand-To tournaments taking place late night (especially for those in South America), Wargaming introduced Weekday Warfare into the mix, catering to those who’d like a shot at winning some Gold, while still valuing a little thing called sleep.

Featuring five stages of battle and 10,000 going to each member of the winning team (and Gold rewards being paid out all the way down to the 26th ranked team), WW is a great Skirmish substitute, especially if the 3:30 PM PST starting time is more your speed.

Week 2 of Warfare hits the battlefield with 5v5 action, showcasing tier VI action in an Erlenberg Encounter. Registration opens January 12, with January 18 being the last day to submit your team for approval. 

Sign up today and see if your five-tank squad has what it takes to move up the leaderboards and score some Gold.

Weekday Warfare: Week 2
Tournament Page ♦ Registration Page ♦ Forum Thread


Matches begin at 15:30 PST (18:30 EST).

  • Group Stage Round 1: January 19
  • Group Stage Round 2: January 20
  • Group Stage Round 3: January 21
  • Group Stage Round 4: January 22
  • Group Stage Round 5: January 23