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WGLNA Season 2, Qualifier 2

Update, the Qualifier 2 battles will begin on September 19, 2013 at 17:00 PDT.


WGLNA Season 2 is here! It's now or never: this is the final qualifier for the very last spot in Season 2 of the WGLNA.

Interested in learning your already-qualiifed competitors? The following 15 teams have earned berths:

  • Fulcrum Gaming (WGLNA Season 1- Top 8)
  • SIMP (WGLNA Season 1- Top 8)
  • Wreak Havok (WGLNA Season 1- Top 8)
  • Simple Tankers (WGLNA Season 1- Top 8)
  • Scurry Hard (WGLNA Season 1- Top 8)
  • River of Blood (WGLNA Season 1- Top 8)
  • Nerve (WGLNA Season 1- Top 8)
  • Cunninghams (WGLNA Season 1- Top 8)
  • Hammer Time (Major League Summer 2013-Top 2)
  • Burn All Empires (Major League Summer 2013- Top 2)
  • Simplistic (WGLNA Season 1- Relegation Playoff)
  • GAME-OVER (Major League Summer 2013- Relegation Playoff)
  • Cap Fast Nation (Major League Summer 2013- Relegation Playoff)
  • WAR & PEACE (Major League Summer 2013- Relegation Playoff)
  • Cazadores (WGLNA Season 1- Open Qualifier #1)


Register to try and qualify your team for Season 2 of the WGLNA with a direct shot straight into WGLNA Season 2! Does your team have what it takes? Come find out. Registration is open now and only ONE team will earn a berth from this qualifier.

Registration Starts: Open Now!

Registration Ends: September 15, 2013 at 23:59 pm PST (2:59 am EST)

WGLNA Season 2, Qualifier 2

General Rules

  • Only one team advances to WGLNA Season 2 from this qualifier.
  • Brackets will be randomly seeded.
  • All matches will follow a best-of-5 format. In the event of a draw, teams will move on to the next map.
  • If after 5 maps, teams are stilled tied, they will continue playing any unplayed maps. Every battle after the 5th battle should be considered Sudden Death (the first team to win a map wins the match). If all maps have been exhausted, teams may reset the map pool and continue Sudden Death play.
  • During the Qualifiers only for any Broadcast matches, if after battle 5 there is no winner, the match will go to a sudden death shootout.
  • Vehicle Limit: Tier VIII
  • Tier points: 42 tier points (-1 for each player less than 7)
  • Teams may choose to play without a complete 7 players. Teams cannot play with less than 5 players.
  • No reschedules- matches must be played at designated times. Those times will be explicitly stated at

Consult for all official details including rules, schedules and further information.

Map Selection

The team located at the top of each match-up on the official bracket page vetoes the first map from the map pool. The other team vetoes the next map. This continues until one map is left.

The team that does the final veto also chooses the spawn position and picks the first two tanks. From this point on, the team that lost the last game will pick both the next map and spawn position.

The following maps may be used:

  • Mines
  • Himmelsdorf
  • Prokhorovka
  • Ensk
  • Ruinberg
  • Abbey
  • Steppes
  • Cliffs

Tank Selection

The team that chooses the map (or that makes the last veto) picks the first 2 tanks. The other team then picks 2 tanks. This process continues until everyone has picked their tanks. At this point, tank selection may not be changed. Once everyone has chosen their tanks, gameplay may commence.

Every member of a team must record replays and take screenshots of battle results and rule violations.

Upon completion of a match, the winning team should report their victory by clicking victory on the bracket listed at (this will require a account).

Teams found to be using players that are not part of their rosters may be disqualified at the discretion of the league admins.

In the event of a dispute, players should contact an available WGLNA_Admin in the WGLNAQual chat channel in the World of Tanks client.

Getting Into Your Matches

Unlike other World of Tanks competitions, the matches for this event are not automated.

CORRECTION TO BELOW - The First Round of Qualifier 2 battles will begin on September 19, 2013 at 17:00 PDT.

The first round of qualifier 2 play begins Wednesday, September 18th at 17:00 PST. Teams should be aware of their start times and their first round opponents by checking the bracket listed at

Teams should appoint at least 1 member to join World of Tanks chat channel “WGLNAQual” to coordinate matches and to contact league admins if necessary.

Matches will take place in “Team Training” rooms and should follow the format listed above.

Teams will be responsible for contacting their opponents and starting their matches on time. Each round of play will have a designated start time, and matches must not be played ahead of their scheduled start times. (For example: If your team is scheduled to play at 8 PM PST, that match should not be played any earlier than 8 PM PST.)

In the event of a team NOT being able to connect with an opponent, a WGLNA_Admin should be contacted. If that admin deems it necessary, the available team may be awarded a walkover victory.

Qualification will take place over several days, and teams should be aware of the schedule which will be posted and updated at

Any questions or disputes should be settled by contact an WGLNA_Admin in the WGLNAQual chat channel.
Consult for all offiicial details including rules, schedules and further information.