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WGLNA Week 8: Teams Battle for Playoff Position

What the heck happened to S.I.M.P.?

Heading into the final week of the regular season, that’s the question on everybody’s minds, as the once-undefeated team has now lost a staggering three of their last four matches after falling to Timed Out, I Love Lamp, and FeaR (formerly Full Potato). This is a team that had never lost a regular season match in the history of WGLNA, and now they’ve just played three of their worst battles since joining the league. And the timing couldn’t be more miserable, as The Cunninghams now find themselves tied with S.I.M.P. for first place, and there’s a real chance S.I.M.P. falls completely out of the top two teams heading into the playoffs, meaning their automatic bid to the Final Four goes bye-bye, and they’ll have to play their way to San Francisco.

A shocking development, to say the least.

But the fall of S.I.M.P. isn’t the only news heading into Week 8 -- we have 11 teams fighting for eight playoff positions. RBIS and Fun-Gaming are holding onto the last two playoff spots currently, but Top Tier, Noble, and RUlette all have shots to jump them in the final two matches and steal their positions. And with Fun-Gaming playing RBIS head-to-head, as well as a Thursday night showdown between RUlette and RBIS -- with the winner potentially moving on to the postseason, while the loser drops out completely -- we could be in for some serious tension (and trash talk) once the final tank is destroyed.

Check below for our full broadcast schedule, then be sure to tune in to Twitch Tuesday and Thursday nights beginning at 5 PM PST as the Gold League teams go to war with playoff positions on the line.

DateTime (PST)Match
Tuesday, February 10 5:00 PM FeaR (Full Potato) vs. I Love Lamp
6:00 PM Simply Tankers vs. Simply IrresisTABLE
7:00 PM Hammer Time vs. Penguin Mafia
8:00 PM RUlette vs. S.I.M.P.
Thursday, February 12 5:00 PM RUlette vs. RBIS
6:00 PM S.I.M.P. vs. Fun-Gaming
7:00 PM Hammer Time vs. Simple Tankers
8:00 PM The Cunninghams vs. FeaR (Full Potato)