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WGLNA Week 7: Can Timed Out Run the Table?

Last week, the WGLNA witnessed the biggest upset in the history of World of Tanks. Think the ’72 Dolphins losing to the 2008 Lions.

S.I.M.P., the undefeated powerhouse who had just been decimating opponents all season, lost to Timed Out, a team from Brazil drowning in 16th place with little hope left for the playoffs.

But then in one night, on one fateful tiebreaker, the entire league was flipped on its ear.

“Our analytical brains attempted to comb over everything that went wrong for S.I.M.P., but our hearts leapt at the first and hugely significant victory Timed Out earned over a championship team,” says Joshua “Clutch” Gray, who called the match live on Twitch. “The question of ‘Who can beat S.I.M.P.’ has an answer: Timed Out.

“The question we should be asking for the rest of Season 5 is: ‘Who will be our champion?’ After week 6, the answer to that question became more difficult to answer.”

If Timed Out’s victory over S.I.M.P. wasn’t enough, the once beleaguered team moved on Thursday and took down RBIS, another one of the Season 5 favorites, suddenly (and shockingly) making the boys from Brazil both the hottest team in the league, and the team that nobody wants to play as the playoff push begins.

But with only a few weeks left in the regular season, Timed Out’s postseason hopes hinge on them basically winning every remaining match, while at the same time praying the teams ahead of them in the standings start to freefall down the home stretch -- including their opponents this week, Fun-Gaming and RUlette.

It might seem impossible. Then again, so did Timed Out defeating S.I.M.P. just a week ago.

Check below for our full broadcast schedule, then be sure to tune in to Twitch to see the live stream as the 16 Gold League teams attempt to position themselves for a championship run.

Tuesday, February 3 5pm PST Fun-Gaming vs. Timed Out
Tuesday, February 3 6pm PST RBIS vs. The Cunninghams
Tuesday, February 3 7pm PST eLevate BAE vs. Simply IrresisTABLE
Tuesday, February 3 8pm PST S.I.M.P. vs. I Love Lamp
Thursday, February 5 5pm PST Noble vs. Simple Tankers
Thursday, February 5 6pm PST RUlette vs. Timed Out
Thursday, February 5 7pm PST eLevate BAE vs. Hammer Time
Thursday, February 5 8pm PST RBIS vs. I Love Lamp