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WGLNA Week 5: S.I.M.P. versus Simply IrresisTABLE

“S.I.M.P. only has one loss on their schedule that they can look forward to, and that’s against us on Tuesday.”

Those are the bold words of Simply IrresisTABLE’s team captain, vode_an, as he predicts his team will be the first this season to take down the undefeated giants of World of Tanks.

And while it may seem strange to some that two teams from the same Clan are battling it out with this much on the line, vode_an explains that while the teams are friendly, they’re not as closely aligned as fans (and even opponents) might think.

“With the S.I.M.P. Clan, we’re all on TeamSpeak together and we all know each other and we all get along, but as teams, we really don’t have any additional ties,” says vode_an. “And actually, we haven’t even practiced with Simple Tankers or S.I.M.P. a single time all season. I know a lot of teams are leery about scrimming against any of us because we might leak their strats, but we really don’t have any ties as teams other than the fact that we know each other.”

Speaking of the S.I.M.P. clan, Simple Tankers also gets a shot at the undefeated S.I.M.P. this week, taking on the A-Team in one of the more anticipated battles on Thursday. Simple Tankers has started the season a surprising 4-3 and are right in the thick of the playoff race. A win over S.I.M.P. would obviously go a long way in proving the team to be a serious contender.

Also be on the lookout for RBIS versus Hammer Time. RBIS dropped a tough game to S.I.M.P. last week in the most watched regular season event in WGLNA history, and are looking to bounce back against the extremely tough Hammer Time. HT is an impressive 5-2 this season, and looks poised to make a second half run toward the top of the standings. A win over RBIS would jump the team to third place, in striking distance of The Cunninghams and that all-important number two seed.

Check out the schedule below for a full listing of WGLNA games that will air live on Twitch this week.

Date Time Match
Tuesday, January 20 5pm PST RBIS vs. Hammer Time
Tuesday, January 20 6pm PST I Love Lamp vs. eLevate BAE
Tuesday, January 20 7pm PST The Cunninghams vs. Victorious Secret
Tuesday, January 20 8pm PST S.I.M.P. vs. Simple IrresisTABLE
Thursday, January 22 5pm PST Fun-Gaming vs. Hammer Time
Thursday, January 22 6pm PST Full Potato vs. eLevate BAE
Thursday, January 22 7pm PST S.I.M.P. vs. Simple Tankers
Thursday, January 22 8pm PST RBIS vs. Simply IrresisTABLE