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Watch the WGLNA Silver League Finals

After an exciting and hard-fought season, the WGLNA Silver League Finals are ready to kick off Wednesday, February 24 at 18:30 PT. The undefeated Envy takes on the veterans from Get Flanked.

The action will be called by talented casters Inchon and Eural (Aquatic M60s), and will not only feature the battle for first place, but will also reveal the third clue in the WGLNA Scavenger Hunt contest.


In addition, the 3rd/4th place match between Tomato Stealers and the Spaghetti Slappers will also be streamed at the same 18:30 time by the Googlybobber pair of Vyraall and Ertai. The winner of this match will face o7 Gaming in the Gold League relegation game to see who earns the right to play against the best of the best next season.