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WGLNA Week 6: S.I.M.P. versus The Cunninghams

S.I.M.P. has never lost a regular season match in WGLNA history.

That’s right, we’re not just talking about a team that’s undefeated this season, we’re talking five seasons of a team running rampant throughout the league. But this week, they put that remarkable record on the line against the second place Cunninghams, a team that has lost only once this season, and are coming off a week where they miraculously stormed back from a 4-1 deficit to stun Noble 5-4.

Can the outspoken AMartin lead his team to pull off what would be a signature win for The Cunninghams as they look to overtake the perineal powerhouse for first place?

“I see the match going 5-3 in favor of S.I.M.P., but I see plenty of room for The Cunninghams to pull off the upset,” says Randal “Ruukil” Holcomb, who will be calling the match live on Twitch. “Every season, they have a go at each other, and every time S.I.M.P. comes out ahead. If The Cunninghams are going to win, it all starts with picking maps that S.I.M.P. doesn’t play well, but S.I.M.P. has been so excellent in their pre-game map picking process, we still haven’t seen their strategies on half the maps in league play.”

Adds WGLNA Gold League Commissioner, Chris “Yoot” Karlewicz: “S.I.M.P. has been the most consistently great team that we’ve seen in the history of the league, and while they haven’t lost a match, they’ve lost battles within these matches. All it will take is for the Cunninghams to put a string of these wins together and you never know, they could be the first team to take down the titans.”

As for AMartin, he only has one thing to say: “S.I.M.P. is terrible at tanks. Should be an easy win.”

Other broadcast games with possible playoff implications include Noble versus Simply IrresisTABLE and eLevate BAE versus Simple Tankers. SI took down RBIS in Week 5, playing their best match to date. Can they follow it up by taking down a Noble team who at this point is fighting for their playoff lives? Meanwhile eLevate took down a tough Full Potato team last week, and is looking to work their way up the standings by holding off a tough Simple Tankers squd hoping to avoid a fall in the rankings after suffering a disappointing loss to S.I.M.P. in Week 5.

Check out the schedule below and be sure to check out all of the exciting WGLNA action streaming live this week on Twitch.

Date Time Match
Tuesday, January 27 5pm PST Top Tier vs. Hammer Time
Tuesday, January 27 6pm PST Timed Out vs. S.I.M.P.
Tuesday, January 27 7pm PST Victorious Secret vs. Simple Tankers
Tuesday, January 27 8pm PST Noble vs. Simple IrresisTABLE
Thursday, January 29 5pm PST Top Tier vs. Penguin Mafia
Thursday, January 29 6pm PST S.I.M.P. vs. The Cunninghams
Thursday, January 29 7pm PST RUlette vs. I Love Lamp
Thursday, January 29 8pm PST eLevate BAE vs. Simple Tankers