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WGLNA Season 5: Week Two Airs Tuesday, Thursday

After an exciting Week 1, the WGLNA Gold League is back for its second week of action, and if the first set of matches are any indication, expect even more surprises and upsets. We’re already witnessing a true changing of the guard on top of the leaderboards!

What else can you say when last year’s defending champ, #RU (now calling themselves RUlette), after adding one of the best players as a free agent (Sov13t), then get so thoroughly destroyed by Noble (5-2).

Division leaders are a shock so far, as Simple Tankers, RBIS, Noble Gaming and S.I.M.P. currently sit on top as the remaining undefeated teams, while former favorites eLevate (formerly Burn All Empires), Timed Out, and Victorious Secret not only lag in last place, they’re all still in search of their first wins.

Should make for second week full of smackdowns and smack talk as the struggling teams try to regain form, while teams like Noble and Simple Tankers try to prove that their early success was no fluke.

No question, though, the match-up of the week goes down Tuesday night, as S.I.M.P. takes on Noble in the battle of unbeatens. Noble played the best of any team during the first week, but do they have what it takes to defeat the perennial powerhouse led by Season 4 MVP, Blueboyzcaptain?

Be sure to check out that grudge match, and more, live on Twitch, with league games being streamed Tuesday and Thursday night beginning at 5pm PST. You never know when we’ll see another Dodoma T49 long-range one shot.

Here’s a schedule of this week’s streamed matches (times approximate due to variation in match length):

Date Time Match
Tuesday, Dec 16 5pm PST RBIS vs. Top Tier
Tuesday, Dec 16 6pm PST Fun-Gaming vs. eLevate
Tuesday, Dec 16 7pm PST RUlette vs. Victorious Secret
Tuesday, Dec 16 8pm PST S.I.M.P. vs. Noble
Thursday, Dec 18 5pm PST The Cunninghams vs. Simply Irresistible
Thursday, Dec 18 6pm PST Full Potato vs. Penguin Mafia
Thursday, Dec 18 7pm PST Timed Out vs. Hammer Time
Thursday, Dec 18 8pm PST I Love Lamp vs. Simple Tankers