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WGLNA Finals: the League Predicts

High Woltage Caballers versus Noble eSports -- the WGLNA Finals promise to be epic, but when the dream team of HWC finally meets the All-Stars that make up Noble, who will take home the championship trophy?

Wargaming sought some of the league's biggest names to get their thoughts on what might go down when the two powerhouse lineups trade shots in a best two-out-of-three match showdown October 3.

Zoid (eLevate): "HWC takes this 5-2. HWC's strategies all season have evolved at a faster rate than Noble's, and that's not going to stop during the month between playoffs and Finals."

GameIsRigged (#RU): "HWC has clearly been the most dominant team all season. There is no reason to believe that they won't continue that dominance. Noble had the easier playoff bracket and gained a lot of team confidence from their late season success. If HWC doesn't screw around and give Noble an opportunity to get comfortable, I wouldn't be surprised if HWC runs away with it."

Lapse (SIMP): "HWC has defied logic and created a team out of strong components. They represent the legacy of the WGLNA. Noble shows that an old dog can learn new tricks. Still they are underdogs. I have my money on HWC."

Fostakid (o7): "While HWC is certainly the favorite, and for good reason, I'd have to put my (Credits/Gold/money) on Noble. I just feel they'll be better prepared for HWC than vice-versa."

David "Nagatron" Williams (WGLNA Caster): "If the regular season is any indicator, then High Woltage is strongly favored to win, but this kind of pressure does crazy things to teams that otherwise look unstoppable. Anything can happen in World of Tanks!"

Christian Toma (WGLNA Caster): "Between High Woltage and Noble, I would have to say I believe that High Woltage will be the winners of this Season I Finals. Both individually and as a whole, they show so much skill and precision that I believe they will end up victorious. But, that is not to say Noble will not show up on the 3rd and give me a run for my money. In fact, I hope they do."

BabyHalo (I Love Lamp): "HWC. Better team synchronization. More experience. Globally good. Didn't sell out."

Kevin "Hypnotik" Ekstrom (WGLNA Fantasy Czar): "I say Noble because nobody else has the guts to pick the upset. AkulaV was the king of Fantasy Tanks, and he is going to lead Noble to the title."

Statik (eLevate): "Both teams are loaded with talented players that can turn the tide of a match and carry a team on their backs. However, I have not seen Noble come up with many new innovative strategies, and thus I think HWC will come out on top due to their ability to react on the fly and execute strategies they have not shown in previous matches."

Cool_Hammer (Refuse): "I think that HWC will win. They were the best in the regular season and I expect them to even play better at the Finals."

Spanish (Rival): "HWC has the advantage due to their in-game counters. They are really good at gathering info on the other team and then using that info to their benefit."

Jsmooth (Synrgy Gaming): "HWC is just too good individually and with their flex work. Noble will get a game or two but won't be able to really prepare for anything specific as HWC is always changing and are difficult to prepare for."

Votato (Synrgy Gaming): "I see High Woltage as the clear favorites. They have been dominant the entire season, but especially recently. Whether or not they win, this season belongs to them, and this may be the beginnings of a new dynasty in WGLNA."