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Play in the WG Clan League's First Open Cup

Are you a Clan looking for top-shelf competitive play? Look no further than the Open Cup, an introduction to the Clan League format (14/140, attack/defense) through a series of three tournaments. In each competition, top Clans will earn Gold for the Clan treasury (5,000 for first place!) as well as Cup Points, with the top eight Clans with the most Cup Points at the end of the three tournaments moving on to do battle in the playoffs.

After the playoffs, the Clan that is declared victorious gets 25,000 in their treasury and a coveted spot in next season's Challenger's League!

Note: The WGCL Open Cup is for Clans not already participating in the Challengers and Champion Leagues.

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The complete schedule will be provided at the end of registration, once the final teams have been determined. Rounds will begin each day at the times indicated below. Use this Time Zone Converter tool to help know what time it is in your region.

Matches begin at 18:00 PT.

  • Round 1 Monday, April 4
  • Round 2: Wednesday, April 6
  • Round 3: Monday, April 11
  • Round 4: Wednesday, April 13