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Stand-To: Week of November 24


Wargaming’s new daily tournament series blasts into its fifth week, testing your tier VIII battle skills across a variety of maps and modes, including Mines and a Steppes Encounter. Time for your team of three to take on all comers and collect the Gold.

Head to the forums to register your spot in the virtual warfare. Matches begin at 16:30 PM PST (19:30 PM EST). No matches Thursday due to Thanksgiving.


DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
(9 AM PST)
Monday, Nov. 24 Steppes (Encounter) Nov. 22 Nov. 24
Tuesday, Nov. 25 Mines Nov. 23 Nov. 25
Wednesday, Nov. 26 Prokhorovka (Encounter) Nov. 24 Nov. 26
Thursday, Nov. 27 N/A
Friday, Nov. 28 Redshire (Encounter) Nov. 26 Nov. 28
Saturday, Nov. 29 Himmelsdorf Nov. 27 Nov. 29
Sunday, Nov. 30 Erlenberg (Encounter) Nov. 28 Nov. 30