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Stand-To Tournament: Week of November 16

Wargaming's Stand-To is a daily tournament series where teams compete across a variety of maps while attempting to win prizes from Gold to consumables.


This week's Stand-To features 3v3, tier V battles on maps from Ensk to a Winterberg Encounter. And with prizes ranging from 500to consumables like Large Repair Kits, Large First Aid Kits, and Automatic Fire Extinguishers, you'll need to recruit your team wisely before heading to the forums to register your squad!

Matches begin at 16:30 PT (19:30 ET).


DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
(09:00 PT)
Monday, November 16 Ensk Encounter Nov. 14 Nov. 16
Tuesday, Nov. 17 Mines Encounter Nov. 15 Nov. 17
Wednesday, Nov. 18 Widepark Nov. 16 Nov. 18
Thursday, Nov. 19 Cliff Nov. 17 Nov. 19
Friday, Nov. 20 Himmelsdorf Nov. 18 Nov. 20
Saturday, Nov. 21 Winterberg Encounter Nov. 19 Nov. 21
Sunday, Nov. 22 Lakeville Encounter Nov. 20 Nov. 22