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Stand-To: Week of July 27

Challenging gamers across a variety of maps, Wargaming’s Stand-To is a daily tournament series where teams compete to move up the leaderboards while attempting to win prizes from Gold to Consumables.


This week’s Stand-To features 7v7, tier VI firefights on maps including Sand River and Westfield. Daily prizes range from 500to consumables like First Aid Kits and Fire Extinguishers. The virtual warfare promises to be intense! Recruit your team wisely then head to the forums to register your spot in battle.

Matches begin at 16:30 PT (19:30 ET).


DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
(09:00 PT)
Monday, July 27 Sand River July 25 July 27
Tuesday, July 28 Karelia July 26 July 28
Wednesday, July 29 Siegfried Line Encounter July 27 July 29
Thursday, July 30 Airfield July 28 July 30
Friday, July 31 Westfield July 29 July 31
Saturday, August 1 Murovanka July 30 August 1
Sunday, August 2 Sand River Encounter July 31 August 2