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Stand-To: Week of January 25

Wargaming's Stand-To is a daily tournament series where teams compete across a variety of maps while attempting to win prizes from Gold to Credits.


Wargaming's daily tournament series is making it easier than ever for you to join! Starting this week, you'll be able to register as a team, a solo player, or a party in order to better accommodate all tankers looking to mix it up in battle.

Team registration:

  • Assemble a complete team of three to four players.
  • Team captain submits the complete team and players simply have to wait for the battles to start!

Solo/Party registration:

  • Register as an individual player. Players will be combined with other individual player(s) or a party to form a complete team.
  • Register as a party. A party has fewer than the minimum number of players allowed on a complete team. Parties will be combined with individual player(s) or another party to form a complete team (if teams are allowed a minimum of 3 players, a party is allowed a maximum of 2 players).
  • Think you have what it takes to bring home the top prizes in this week's 3v3, tier V firefight? Head to the forums today and sign up to put your team's skills to the ultimate test.

Matches begin at 16:30 PT (19:30 ET).


DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
(09:00 PT)
Monday, Jan. 25 Winterberg Encounter Jan. 23 Jan. 25
Tuesday, Jan. 26 Sand River Encounter Jan. 24 Jan. 26
Wednesday, Jan. 27 Ensk Encounter Jan. 25 Jan. 27
Thursday, Jan. 28 Himmelsdorf Encounter Jan. 26 Jan. 28
Friday, Jan. 29 Prokhorovka Encounter Jan. 27 Jan. 29
Saturday, Jan. 30 Lakeville Encounter Jan. 28 Jan. 30
Sunday, Jan. 31 Redshire Encounter Jan. 29 Jan. 31