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Stand-To: Week of January 19

Wargaming’s daily tournament series rolls on for another week, this time challenging Tankers to seven heart-racing Encounter battles. Matches feature tier VII tanks and 3v3 action, so while the number of players on your team might be small, the margin for victory is even smaller as you’ll need to bring your "A" game if you hope to leave the battlefield with any Gold.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the forums and test your Tanker skills by registering for a spot in the virtual warfare. Matches begin at 16:30 PM PST (19:30 PM EST)


DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
(9 AM PST)
Monday, Jan. 19 Winterberg Encounter Jan. 17 Jan. 19
Tuesday, Jan. 20 Sand River Encounter Jan. 18 Jan. 20
Wednesday, Jan. 21 Ensk Encounter Jan. 19 Jan. 21
Thursday, Jan. 22 Himmelsdorf Encounter Jan. 20 Jan. 22
Friday, Jan. 23 Prokhorovka Encounter Jan. 21 Jan. 23
Saturday, Jan. 24 El Halluf Encounter Jan. 22 Jan. 24
Sunday, Jan. 25 Redshire Encounter Jan. 23 Jan. 25