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Stand-To: Week of February 2


Time to go old-school in this week's Stand-To tournament -- it takes place in the 8-bit world of Winter Showdown! Expect some frosty 5v5 firefights in this one, because though the map remains the same all week, tiers change on a daily basis. However, since you’re not using the Mammoth, Polar Bear, or Arctic Fox, the healing powers that come with the specialty designed winter tanks don’t work. So, be careful when aiming those Gold rounds.

Think your team has what it takes to end up on top of the leaderboards? Head to the forums and register now for your spot in the virtual 8-bit warfare! Matches begin at 16:30 PM PST (19:30 PM EST)


DayTierMapReg. OpenReg. Closes
(9 AM PST)
Monday, Feb. 2 2 Winter Showdown Jan. 31 Feb. 2
Tuesday, Feb. 3 4 Winter Showdown Feb. 1 Feb. 3
Wednesday, Feb. 4 6 Winter Showdown Feb. 2 Feb. 4
Thursday, Feb. 5 2 Winter Showdown Feb. 3 Feb. 5
Friday, Feb. 6 4 Winter Showdown Feb. 4 Feb. 6
Saturday, Feb. 7 6 Winter Showdown Feb. 5 Feb. 7
Sunday, Feb. 8 4 Winter Showdown Feb. 6 Feb. 8