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Stand-To: Week of December 8


Wargaming’s daily tournament series continues, testing your 5v5 tier VI shooting skills across a variety of maps, from Mines to Mountain Pass. Does your team have what it takes to destroy all comers and collect a nice chunk of Gold?

Head to the forum to find out, and register your spot in the virtual warfare. Matches begin at 16:30 PM PST (19:30 PM EST).


DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
(9 AM PST)
Monday, Dec. 8 Mines Dec. 6 Dec. 8
Tuesday, Dec. 9 Komarin Dec. 7 Dec. 9
Wednesday, Dec. 10 Malinovka Encounter Dec. 8 Dec. 10
Thursday, Dec. 11 Cliff Dec. 9 Dec. 11
Friday, Dec. 12 Steppes Encounter Dec. 10 Dec. 12
Saturday, Dec. 13 Mountain Pass Dec. 11 Dec. 13
Sunday, Dec. 14 Ruinberg Encounter Dec. 12 Dec. 14