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Stand-To Tournament: Week of December 7

Wargaming's Stand-To is a daily tournament series where teams compete across a variety of maps while attempting to win prizes from Gold to consumables.


This week's Stand-To features 3v3, tier VI firefights on a variety of maps from Abbey to Ensk. And with the new tournament rules in place, tankers now earn Credits and Experience in tournament battles while at the same time, don't pay for vehicle repairs. That's right! You can now play in tournaments to help grind tanks and Credits as you compete for generous Gold prizes.

Head to the forums right now to register your spot in battle!

Matches begin at 16:30 PT (19:30 ET).


DayMapRegistration OpensRegistration Closes
(09:00 PT)
Monday, Dec. 7 Ensk Dec. 5 Dec. 7
Tuesday, Dec. 8 Mittengard Dec. 6 Dec. 8
Wednesday, Dec. 9 Mines Encounter Dec. 7 Dec. 9
Thursday, Dec. 10 Winterberg Dec. 8 Dec. 10
Friday, Dec. 11 Murovanka Encounter Dec. 9 Dec. 11
Saturday, Dec. 12 Himmelsdorf Encounter Dec. 10 Dec. 12
Sunday, Dec. 13 Abbey Dec. 11 Dec. 13