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Skirmish XXII: Hang Ten

Think you have what it takes to hang with the big guns in tier X? Then this week’s Skirmish is just the tournament you’re looking for!

These battles feature 7v7 tier X action with the special restriction of no auto-loader tanks allowed (if a tank can mount a machine gun, it is considered an autoloader). Maps include Overloard, Airfield, Abbey, Sand River, Karelia, and Winterberg, with 9,000being awarded for first place.

Sign up today to see if your team has the skill and strats necessary to climb the leaderboards and capture the Gold.

Registration: Open Now!
Registration Ends: Monday, May 25

Skirmish XXII: Hang Ten
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The complete schedule will be provided at the end of registration, once the final teams have been determined. Rounds will begin each day at the times indicated below. Use this Time Zone Converter tool to help know what time it is in your region.

Matches begin at 19:00 PT (22:00 ET) unless otherwise noted.

  • Group Stage 1: June 8
  • Group Stage 2: June 9
  • Group Stage 3: June 10
  • Round of 16: June 12
  • Quarterfinal: June 13
  • Semifinal: June 14, 16:00 PT / 19:00 ET
  • Final: June 14